Prices to make you smile!!
Simple and affordable.

$100 per look.

Being an actor, too, I know how much we have to spend on our tools - Headshots, reels, Actors Access, LA Casting, all adds up! - and I know that knowing you're paying a small fortune for your headshots can add an extra pressure come shoot day. So I have tried to keep my prices simple and affordable.

I charge $100 per look, with each look including one retouch. (Additional retouches are available for $25 per image) *A 'look' relates to the overall feel of the look, or type we are going for, and small changes within each look - like adding a tie, losing a jacket etc. - are totally fine!

Hair and makeup.

You are welcome to shoot with any makeup artist of your own choosing, and I can happily recommend a couple, too, if required.

While I believe professionally done makeup can and does improve shots, and having someone on hand to keep on top of shine and flyaways is obviously a benefit, the vast majority of shots you will find on this website were taken with no hair and makeup artist present.

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